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April 29 Pandemic Update

From the Church Council’s Executive Committee

As you by now know, Gov. Walz extended the stay-at-home order until May 4 and has cancelled school for the remaining of the academic year. As of the time of this writing, even after May 4 social distancing guidelines will still be in effect for some time to come. For this reason, all activities at Good Shepherd will continue to be suspended for the foreseeable future. This is not ideal but it is the reality we’re living under. Below is a helpful diagram using dials that visually shows where Minnesota is at now with on sectors of the society and economy.

In the meantime, Pr. Keith has been and will continue to post pre-recorded worship services on our web site and Facebook page. We hope you will join us in worship virtually since we cannot be together:

· Our web site

· If you don’t have internet access but have a DVD player, contact Pr. Keith about how you can get a copy of the week’s service.


The Executive Committee

David Haglund, President

Courtney Torgerson, Vice-President

Trista Morstad, Treasurer

Melissa Hagen, Secretary

Keith Lankford, Pastor


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