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About Your Church

The church family known today as Good Shepherd came about from a series of mergers from three parent congregations: Trinity Lutheran Church was founded in 1878, Norderhaug Norwegian Evangelical Lutheran Church (a.k.a. Leaf Lake Church) in 1887, and United Lutheran Church in 1896. In 1957, the Leaf Lake congregation merged with United, and when Trinity also merged with United in 1967, the new congregation renamed itself Lutheran Church of the Good Shepherd. A few years later, the congregation settled on "Good Shepherd Lutheran Church."


Good Shepherd is a welcoming place for all people to share in the love of our Lord Jesus. We have people of all ages – old, young and in-between – who work hard together to carry out the ministry Jesus has enabled us to do in our community, state and around the world. You are invited to come and share with us as together we celebrate God’s presence among us and through us.


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